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Wisata ke Fiji Cukup dengan Visa on Arrival

Fiji, a small country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Began to promote the tourism potential travelers to Indonesia. As of toll Pauliasi Tokasaya of the Embassy of the Republic of Fiji in Indonesia, there was growth in tourist arrivals from Southeast Asia, Including Indonesia.

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"So we want vigorous campaign to Southeast Asia, Indonesia also. Moreover, there is now a Fiji embassy in Indonesia, just opened in 2012," he said when met at the sidelines of the exhibition tour Compass Travel Fair, at the JCC on Saturday (09/27/2014).

Indeed, the main obstacle to admit Pauliasi in promoting tourism to the Indonesian Fiji is accessibility. There are currently no direct flights of from Indonesia to Fiji. "Indonesia is a promising market, especially our neighbors. Problem is there is no direct flight. Must be from Australia," he explained.

He adds flight to Fiji can be through Sydney. Long flight from Sydney to Fiji about 4 hours. These are used as one option, Fiji Airways. "Airfares Sydney-Fiji in the range of 850 (dollars)," he said.

Another route could be through Hong Kong. Hong Kong to Fiji taken within 10 hours of flight. Everything is a daily flight.

According Pauliasi, Fiji like Indonesia, for both the island nation. It's just the uniqueness of each. "Fiji is unique, as 'lost' in the middle of the Pacific ocean. We have 300 islands and tourists can visit Reviews These islands," he said.

Reviews These islands, further Pauliasi, offering panoramic beach with beautiful, clear ocean with coral reefs are still preserved. Another uniqueness, Fiji offers a private atmosphere, as if being on a private island.

"Fiji is not crowded. Could be when tourists are on a beach and along the beach was deserted no man. Fijian population itself is only about 800,000. Atmosphere is relaxed, there are no traffic jams," said Pauliasi.

So no wonder, Became Fiji honeymoon destinations. The majority of tourists to Fiji from Australia, South Korea, Japan, and China.

Indonesian travelers to Fiji could use a Visa on Arrival (VOA) the which is valid for 30 days. According Pauliasi, costs 35 dollars this VOA. As for lodging options range from classes for backpackers to five star hotels. "What is certain in Fiji, when you wake up in the morning, you like being in paradise," he said. via:  travel.kompas. 
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